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"Daaaaaaaaayummmmm soooooooon~"

    "Oh hey, did I break something important? Cause I really hope I broke something important!"


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~gives quark gun like Asuka's~ " everyone told me how bad your aim is, so here you can practice now."

     Some people didn’t realize the precision needed to land most of his attacks! You try breathing fire and aiming it perfectly!!


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bromelet is the #1 brotp everybody.

    You heard the woman!


    Bromlet is Brendy and Omlet aka Brendan and Aimet.

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    "420 BLAZE IT!!"

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six easy steps as demonstrated by natsu

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        “——Whoever spilled booze on my coat is going to get their teeth knocked in…

    The Salamander simply stood over the cape length fabric, now stained in the stench of booze. A quiet cackle began to play in tune as the other Slayer of Dragons began to frustrate.

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"He did it!"

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    I would like to thank you all personally, so much fun, so much love, and so much support of my writing has gone into all 2000 of you! I rely of you all to release my feelings in writing, and have so many of you fine people enjoying it, and even reblogging it for others to enjoy. It mean so much to me personally to have this wide of an audience, and I had no idea I could ever gain such a feet here on Tumblr.

    I guess what I wanna say, in as many words as possible, is——

                                                                          Thank you.

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[/ holds up a letter of rejection from a publicing agency and sniffs sadly, her forehead coming to rest on his shoulder.] "let me feel sorry for myself for a minute..."

    A blonde, now wallowing in self pity, who’s only explanation was a rejection letter for her novel, which was reason enough to feel sorry. The pressure of her forehead pressing all of the weight she carried never made the male falter, only a bare, muscular arm to pat against her back, as for her not to fall flat. This was obviously about the novel Lucy had been writing, but how could something so good get rejected so easily? A lot of people at the Guild didn’t know this, but Natsu and Lucy had sleepovers about once or twice a week, and in that span, Lucy would read chapters of her novel to the Dragon Slayer, as he asked.

    Now, Natsu wasn’t a reader himself, so he relied on Lucy for that part. Her soft voice, and mellow baritone most of the time lulled the boy to sleep, which the woman claimed to be the cutest thing she’d ever seen. It really got to him, how such a wonderful book about a Dragon protecting his princess from evil could ever be rejected? Natsu especially loved a certain chapter, where the Dragon went on a rampage against another Dragon that could breath metal! That was cool, he’d spout through the entire chapter, nearly on the edge of his seat when the princess had been taken. Lucy really had a knack for writing, so how could she ever get rejected?


    "What the hell? How could they say no to your novel? It’s awesome, Lucy!" The boy spouted, slanted temples showing his irritation. Suddenly getting a particular idea, The Salamander soon shooed the girl from his shoulder, a sadistic smirk now played upon his face, sharp canines revealing to show the blonde that Natsu had a certain idea in mind for the assholes who rejected his Partners novel.


    "—Let’s go pay them a visit, Lucy."

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Anonymous said:

✮ How have you been, Brendan? [Gives hugs and tons of love] Keep being awesome, because you are truly loved. ~

    AYE! Look guys, its my favorite anon ever! How ya’ been, sweetheart? I wish you would simply come off of anon and let me love yooooooooou~