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        ——So, my laptops charging port is busted, and is going for repairs. Estimated time of these might be 2 weeks tops. So, until then, no icons in roleplaying, or none at all. I’m using my mothers laptop, and I’m only sharing it, so I won’t be as active. I hope all of you understand~

See ya soon!

~Brendan / Natsu

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Long live all the magic we made!

I had the time of my life

fighting dragons with you.

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⊰ ♔ ⊱ Time dragged, yet it all happened so fast. The fear of future fleeting creeping onto all of their minds like a wildfire that spread throughout their land. The blond was lost, not as though she was unaware of where she was but the type of lost that encases your mind, shrouding it within darkness and terror. The feeling of her the light within her spirit could fade away, wither away if what she dreaded the most would become true. Her hand that possessed the light pink guild mark behind her knuckles was brought up to her chest, feeling her own heart beat quicken until her eyes fell upon the familiar shape of the boy with spiked salmon hair. 

        — The imagine of familiarity caused her mind to catch glimpse of something that was not her reality. She heaved forward slightly, a sharp intake of breath as the sight of the pinkettes hand extending towards her and bringing her back to Fairy Tail… back home, flashed through her mind. Before hazel hues regained sense and became fixated upon the boy once again, tears had begun to stain porcelain cheeks, but a small smile gracing her lips despite the salted flow, a now unmanicured and calloused hand reaching up to see if the water that stained her cheeks was real. If this was real.

                                                                  You are home.


        — The small smile grew wider, a toothy, tear filled grin falling across where a frown once lay at the sight of him. The boy, no, the man, who had nearly given up his life fore her… and would do so again. Though, she knew that the slayer would commit such an act regardless of whomever it was. It still made her heart swell and her feet carry her forwards toward his war torn and scarred body. For a brief moment, she forgot to be weary of his wounds and instead was just thankful for him, wrapping slender extremities around the fire dragons stomach, holding tightly as the pads of her fingers pressed against his bare chest.

        — The tight grip she had on him lessened, saying nothing for moments. Instead, her entire being just enjoyed his warmth, the fire within him that she prayed to whatever god their may be, would never leave her. The thought of losing him was one she did not want to face, nor could believe to ever happen; for he was so strong.. so brave.. and had an entire guild to protect him. Still, she could fear losing him, she was terrified of such a thing and harbored guilt within herself that he could have very well just died for her sake… She wanted to not dwell upon it or it would tear her apart.

          — Right now, she just wanted to savor this moment, the time of him being held within her arms as close as they could be and thankful. Still, her tears deceived her as the ‘what if’s’ played through her mind, causing her finger tips to curl against his skin, trembling slightly as her physical form attempted to encase all of the emotion the blonde held within her. The voice that escaped her was soft, choked from tears that welled behind lidded optics.


                                                                      "Thank you…"

                      ——Its over…

                                                   ——I won…

                                                                         ——For her sake…

          ——Its finally over, the war of the Future VS The Present has finally come to a close, and it seemed like the only one standing was a crimson stained Salamander, arms broadened at both sides as salmon tresses caped over sheathed optics. Pain wouldn’t even register at this point, pushed completely past the brink of any capable human, this Dragon Slayer simply stood there, not moving a single muscle, fearing collapse if preformed. Put through the ringer, and on the brink of death, this boy pursued through it all, assuring his comrades of their victory through the entire ordeal. There’s no way he could have lost, or rather would have. That certain promise wouldn’t let him…

        Yes, A promise, one that would seal the fate of the present as someone from the bleak future spouted the consequences. When that light of a better future went out, it left the boy torn, fangs bared at the enemy of this future. But, when sheer strength wasn’t enough to defeat this foe, Natsu began to rely on his Nakama, the very reason he was alive right now to even protect their futures. That same dying light pushed the Salamander passed already accepted limits of endurance, taking every strike with stride and countering with one double the strength. This heinous figure had no comrades but Dragons blindly following his order, he could never win against Natsu, someone who gets stronger with bonds, emotions just making his flames hotter and more menacing, terrifying even.

        After partnering with long lost Uncle, he finally had the strength to challenge this bastard on par, Dragon VS Dragon, Slayer VS Slayer! Trading blow after blow, never letting up for a second, the two duke’d it out until there was only one standing, and the Eclipse door was shattered by the weight of his anger. After the Rogue from 7 years into the Future finally vanished, along with all the Dragons, and anything else that didn’t belong in this timeline, there was a silence sealed within the air. As a shattered Dragon’s Son began to stand above the rubble, as to show that the light won over the dark, and is still standing. Bleeding, bruised, and broken, but still standing, proud of the power he’d surpassed.

        Right before falling pray to the fatigue of battle, slender, loving limbs wrapped around said beaten body, almost as if to say you don’t need to be strong anymore, I’ve got you now. The light hold of a certain blonde he knew all too well was exactly what he needed at the moment, or risk falling to the floor and risking even more injury. Clothes tattered to near ribbon, every single muscle aching from the strain of brawling for so long, and crimson dried upon the boys skin were all just battle scars now, it was finally over, and he was in the arms of the one he’d been fighting to protect this entire time. The blonde began to weep upon his back, which gained a pained chuckle, throaty but innocent as ever. Same ol’ Lucy…


        "——What’s wrong…Lucy?"

                                                     ——Oh yeah, I did tell her to save the tears until we win…

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∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ℒ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷  

   Layla couldn’t help but smile upon opening the guild doors. A bunch of sleepy drunks lined the tables and chairs, some having settled on the floor in their inebriated state. A slow day for Fairy Tail, no doubt, and she had come to know them well.

   When she heard a flat greeting flanking her from the right side, she didn’t expect to be greeted by her father.

              Without thinking, she tackled the man.


                      “          Oh Daddy thank god I found you! I thought something terrible had happened, but I found you, so I’m sure its okay now, ri-”

                                                        She looked at his face for the first time.

  She was dumbfounded for a moment, her mind going blank as she saw him.

   Gone were the streaks of white that had begun taking over his roots in her time. The smile lines and crinkles around his eyes that had formed after years of smiling brightly had yet to show on his face. He was smaller too, still in his teens, perhaps even younger than her.

             It was true.

                        She was in the past.


   Slowly, she backed away from the man, shaking her head in disbelief. As tears pricked in her eyes, she turned on her heels and ran.

                                                              ——The hell!?

Well, being completely blindsided and tackled to the ground by a pretty girl might have been some guys fantasies, but not this particular boy. Getting caught semi-off guard after getting the scent of a hint of Dark Magic surrounding this girl, the scent was very vague and seemed to dissipate as time went by. Still, this woman had to be somehow connected to Zeref if she had that sinister scent lingering, which prompted Natsu to shoot a glare up at her, optics slanting in a hiss.

        "——G—Get off! W—Why do you smell of Dark Magic!?" The Young Dragon spouted.

        As said female began to scan the Dragon Slayers features, a look of regret swallowed her once cheerful expression. Auburn eyes began to well up, which gave the Salamander feel guilty for yelling earlier. Suddenly the female sprang up, springing away from the boy, and the Guild in a distressed blur. What was this girl, where did she come from? Could she connected to Zeref somehow? He must get the answers out of her, so that included catching her.

        "——Hold on, wait up!!" The male yelped, suddenly clashing sandals against hard wood an sprinting after his unknown flesh and blood.

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The flame of guilt

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She pointed accusingly at the dragon sayer. "Hey, dragon boy. I got a bone to pick with you!"



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∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ℒ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷  

   She landed with a thud.


It didn’t take long to notice the change in her environment. One moment she had been in the clutches of the dark guild, the roars of her nakama echoing throughout the halls as they stampeded their way to where she was being held captive.

         She knew they would come for her.

   What she didn’t expect was for her captor to blind her with a white light and push her to the ground.

      Wait, more than ground.


                                               Where was she?


  Layla frowned, looking around the empty field. How did she get here?

                     Mama? Daddy? Kiki? Where are you guys?!

   With no response and no person within sight, Layla decided to make her way back to Magnolia- to the guild.

   It wasn’t until she saw the local newspaper on the sidewalk of the central path that she realized the situation she was in.

           Year x791…” She whispered, her hands shaking in disbelief.


Oi! What year is it?!” The girl screamed at the first person she saw, the man flinching at her outburst before looking at her in confusion.

                                    "Why, its x791 of course!

Without a second thought, Layla dashed down central path, hesitating as she saw the guild in front of her.

                        This had to be a dream.

   Taking in a breath, the girl opened the doors.

                                                                                            ——Slow day…

       A quiet day around the Guild, which seemed peculiar, seeing as it was Fairy Tail. Usually the Guid would be lit up with excitement, or at least the drunken stuppers of fellow Guild Mates, mixed in with the regular scheduled fights and brawls. But, none of that seemed to happen today? Maybe because most of the Guild’s members were out on jobs, home, or just lazing around the Hall. Then we had the Salamander, pink tresses buried into both arms as the napping Dragon Slayer snored aloud to the amusement of fellow members. 

        As larger doors began to creak open, a draft began to filter into the room, sturring the slumbering Dragon’s child in a deep sleep. Optics began to stutter and twitch before erupting open, along with a scarf cloaked nape that began to rise from the tomb of his own limbs. Eyes drooped in exhaustion, the boy began to scan his surroundings. Finally getting attentive enough to wipe the drool that laid stained against his lower digit, Natsu happened upon the rose haired woman holding open the double doors, which gained a quirked brow from said male. 

                                                         The hell? She a new member?

        Finally getting the idea that al around him were passed out drunks, with no Mira or Gramps around, or even Erza for that matter, it was up to Natsu to greet this new recruit, maybe show her the ropes of things of the Strongest Guild in Fiore. Which, for the record, did not include any of what she was viewing. Soon rising to both sandal clad feet, the Slayer began to make his way over to the girl, who oddly had the scent of strawberries and——Dark Magic!?

        "——Yo, I’m Natsu, mind telling me why you woke me up from a really good nap?" He spoke, irritation truly showing in a hissing tongue.

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Natsu Dragneel! // requested by Rian! :) 

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